The Antlion (aka the doodlebug)


What if humans only ate until the age of 6–and then never ate again?

The antlion larva digs a funnel-shaped pit (a pitfall) and then buries itself so that only its jaws are visible.  Any small insect that ventures over the edge of the sandy pit slips to the bottom and is seized.

What caught me: Since the adult does not feed, the larva must consume enough food to sustain the adult.

What if humans were the same way?

Would the weight-loss industry exist?

(And if there were no fat people, what would the standard of beauty be?)

Would our lifespans be short? If so, would people value the right things in life, in time?

More importantly, would all the customs associated with eating not exist?  Think of a world where

1)  We don’t take a date out to dinner or break bread with an enemy

2)  We don’t have holidays centered around eating, like Thanksgiving or Christmas.  In fact, there is no “family meal.”

3)  We have no idea what aphrodisiacs are.

Food for thought?

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