Archipenko, Alexander

One of the first artists to attempt Cubism in sculpture.

I don’t really understand Cubism, and I wish I did.  I do, however, think it would be a lot of fun as an intellectual exercise to try to represent an object in the most abstract yet still recognizable way, as he may have intended with Seated Woman (no date):
Seated Woman nd

I also think it is interesting to try different ways of conveying movement in sculpture.  As Wikipedia (“Cubist Sculpture”) says, “[d]epending on the movement around the sculpture and effects of lighting, concave and convex surfaces appear alternately to protrude or recede.”  Here is The Boxers (1914), which may do that:

The Boxers 1914

I also think combining collage and sculpture, as in his Médrano series of circus figures, is also an interesting concept.  I love artists who combine new materials or who combine old materials in new ways.


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