Arevalo Martinez, Rafael

Have you read a psycho-zoological tale lately?  How about some fictional magical realism?

“A short story writer of marked ability, Arevalo introduced a new form known as the psycho-zoological tale, the most famous of which, “The Man Who Looked Like a Horse,” deals with the conflict between man’s spiritual and animal natures.”  He also created “fictional magical realism.”

In his novel The World of the Maharachías, “a shipwrecked man…finds a civilization of creatures that resemble monkeys but are superior to men. The Maharachías’ sensitive tails are almost spiritual.” (Wikipedia).  My thoughts went to Planet of the Apes (1963), and I wondered if Arevalo’s 1938 novel was a precursor of sorts.  I did giggle a bit, though, at the thought of a monkey’s tail being “almost spiritual.”  Hmmmm.


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