“My heart is French, but my ass is international.”

[French actress] Arletty was imprisoned in 1945 for her wartime liaison with a German Luftwaffe officer, Hans-Jürgen Soehring, during the occupation of France. She allegedly later commented on the experience, “My heart is French but my ass is international.” Although other French women fell in love with German soldiers, her romantic affiliation with Soehring during the Phoney War prompted a charge of treason. James Lord wrote of her special treatment:

“Arletty was too well known for the mere humiliation of having her head shaved, her naked skull tarred with a swastika and in this abject state paraded through the streets to confront the jeers and spittle of the mob. Prison would be none too good for her, people said, looking forward to severe retribution for the moral treason of which they found her guilty.”

For her crimes she received a sentence of eighteen months imprisonment, most of which was served in a private chateau.

(Britannica just vaguely refers to her being imprisoned for collaboration.  I had to go to Wikipedia for the above material.  That quote makes me glad I did.)


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