Aveyron, France


Bleu de Gex

Aveyron’s economy is dominated by sheep, the milk of which is used to make Roquefort cheese (left), matured in limestone caves.

I had no idea that sheeps’ milk was used to make cheese, so I researched cheese making and learned about Blue cheese (right).  The blue color comes from a penicillin mold.  What surprised me here is that I am allergic to penicillin, yet I love Blue cheese.

It seems there could be almost an infinite variety of cheeses if you combine different types of places it could be matured (types of caves?  types of barrels?), different types of molds, and different sources of milk.  I wonder if there are people with as much expertise in identifying cheeses as there are those who identify wine.  (I have heard of blindfolded wine experts who can identify not only a type of wine, not only the region it came from, but the EXACT FIELD it came from.  A palate that sensitive is amazing!)

Photo credits: On the left is Roquefort cheese (http://bit.ly/1HTvzUP); on the right is Blue cheese (http://bit.ly/1Hl3bWj)


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