This blog was originally meant to be simply my own reading notes as I work my way through an older print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (circa 1996).  On a lark, I decided to make them public, in case others find them enjoyable or enlightening.

I apologize in advance for those times when I misunderstand or misinterpret others’ ideas from the encyclopedia.  If you’re an expert on that day’s topic and see that happening, your comments would be especially welcome!  I ask my readers to always remember that this blog is a summary of a summary (the encyclopedia), so some shallowness should be expected.  Many of the topics I read through are new to me, and I am by no means an expert on the most of them.

I am, for the most part, paraphrasing or quoting the Britannica, but I do, from time to time, conduct some quick research on the web to fill in gaps.  (I do know that Wikipedia is not reliable, but sometimes I have a need for speed!)

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Thank you!


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